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  A closer look at the concepts behind the Patriots’ offensive attack."
Posted by: liny195 - 06-14-2019, 02:53 AM - Forum: Sendungen - No Replies

WhitePatriots News Opinion and Analysis Contribute! FanPostsFanShotsAbout the Site List of Patriots Twitter AccountsWrite For Pats Pulpit!New User Welcome and Commenting GuideCommunity GuidelinesMastheadTopics Patriots Off-Season CoveragePatriots Opinion/AnalysisPatriots NewsPatriots Draft CoverageSportfolio ManagementPatriots Opinion/AnalysisPatriots Film RoomPats Playbook: How New England’s offense attacks man coverageNew Infant Jarrett Stidham Jersey ,31commentsA closer look at the concepts behind the Patriots’ offensive attack.EDTShareTweetShareSharePats Playbook: How New England’s offense attacks man coverageMark Rebilas-USA TODAY SportsThis is a new series I’ll be doing here called Pats Playbook in which I break down specific concepts the New England Patriots run. I’ve already gone over a bit on how New England combats zone coverage here and I’m going to do some more posts on that, but today I want to take a look at what New England does to defeat man coverage. In order to chart these concepts, I watched every game from the 2018 season and a bunch of games from previous years. Just to note, these concepts are not owned by New England; most teams in the NFL use these plays. The point of this series, is to give you guys a list of consistent plays New England runs for certain situations and show you how they do it. (Most of the videos have abbreviations, so here’s a list of what I might be referring to in the text bubbles, just in case it gets confusing: RB = Running Back, WR = Wide Receiver, OL = Offensive Line, TE = Tight End, DE = Defensive End, LB = Linebacker, DB = Defensive Back, CB = Cornerback, SS = Strong Safety, FS = Free Safety)The first way New England often beats man coverage is very simple and common. They motion their tight end or running back out wide and see who’s over him. If a cornerback is over him, it’s zone coverage, but if a linebacker/safety is over him, it’s man coverage and that LB/safety has to guard a stud athlete like Rob Gronkowski, Dion Lewis, James White, etc. where they’re not comfortable. New England forces the defenders to play out of position and Tom Brady and company win the one-on-one matchups consistently because of that. Tight End IsoThe result has been Gronkowski abusing linebackers and safeties countless times on just a few routes: slant Jarrett Stidham Jersey Draft , back shoulder, hitch, jump ball fade. The Patriots would line the tight end up out wide and beat most guys who make the trip out there to cover him. Because Gronkowski is a great run blocker, teams couldn’t put a cornerback in one-on-one coverage on him because New England could just motion him back into the box and run the ball at the light box.Here are some clips of Gronkowski winning one-on-ones vs man coverage out wide:Running Back IsoNew England will also line one of their backs up out wide and win that one-on-one versus a linebacker or safety on slants, fades, whips, hitches, double moves. Again, putting a cornerback on a running back solves the passing problem, but weakens the box. Counter to Running Back IsoBecause everyone knows the Patriots line their running backs up out wide to get a read on the coverage, they will motion him back into the backfield to toss the football to him. This works specifically well against man coverage because the linebacker covering the back typically isn’t expecting a quick pitch in motion, so he will usually trail the back and thus not be in good position to stop him from getting to the edge; the Pats will run a toss running concept to take care of the rest of the defenders.But in zone coverage also, you’ll see the defense in these clips reset as the back goes into the box and not be ready for such a quick snap in motion, resulting in the offense getting to the edge very quickly before the defense can; the Pats will run wide zone in the opposite direction of the toss versus zone coverage to put themselves in a favorable position against the rest of the defenders.Halfback Option Another common way the Patriots beat Man Coverage is through their backs in the backfield, again one-on-one with a linebacker or safety. The back will run straight up the field and either break out or break in, depending on the leverage of the defender. Halfback Option CountersTo account for the defense knowing this halfback option route is coming, the Patriots will run other routes with very similar stems, but ultimately different results. Shield ScreenHere’s a man coverage beater that New England goes to in short yardage situations or on the goal line. The play starts off in a stack formation, but the outside receiver will motion into the stack, creating a bunch formation and forcing the outside corner to back up a few steps in order to avoid a pick (it’s a general rule to never be that close vertically to another defensive back in man coverage).This opens up a quick throwing window where the outside receiver can catch a quick pass in the flat and run behind the two lead blockers in the stack for a first down or a touchdown. Jet SweepA cool way New England beats man coverage is by having one of its receivers beat their man in a sprint across the field. The Pats will often motion a receiver across the formation first to make sure that they are indeed facing man coverage. Then, they will motion another receiver across the formation and hand it off to him on a jet sweep. The defender covering the receiver on the jet sweep must keep up with his speed or he will get beat to the outside.New England will block wide zone to the opposite side the jet sweep is going, and leave the contain defender unblocked. This creates a one-on-one play for a receiver like Julian Edelman Jarrett Stidham NFL Jersey , Cordarrelle Patterson, or Phillip Dorsett to operate with lots of space. Jet Sweep CountersNew England also has some good play-action passes off of that jet sweep action. Because the sweep is such a threat to get to the edge against man coverage, these fakes can spring New England’s other receivers open. Slant Flat Rub (with a running back)One of the more frequently used man coverage beaters and what I call rub wheel/rail or slant flat is a two-man passing concept that is simple but effective. A receiver, typically in a tight split close to the formation, will run right at the linebacker in coverage on the running back with the goal of forcing the backer to either bubble over him and give up the flat, slide under him and give up the wheel, or just try to go right through him, allowing the running back to beat him to the flat and get up field.With this play, the defense has to live with the 5-yard gains in the flat because the alternative would mean trailing behind a wheel route; that’s where the big, chunk plays come from. As you’ll see here, most teams play it safe and make sure to stay over the top, but that still gives Tom Brady an easy throw and a consistent 4-5 yards. Here’s an awesome video from former NFL quarterback Dan Orlovsky on how this running back rub play works.Slant Flat Rub (with a receiver)The Patriots run the same concept too, but with the two offensive players involved detached from the formation or box (no running back). The outside receiver will run at the defensive back in man coverage on the inside receiver. The goal is to force the defender to either bubble over or slide under the potential target. Again, with this play, the defense has to choose between taking away the deep wheel or taking away the quick throw to the flat.On the last of the plays in the following reel, the Jacksonville Jaguars defense even tries to switch the pick, but that doesn’t work out well for them either:Extra ways to beat Man CoverageHere are a couple more ways in which New England beats man coverage. There weren’t enough examples of these concepts to classify them as a main/common man-to-man beater, but they’ll maybe show up more next year. Slot Fade Under RubThis is another rub type of play: the inside receiver this time will run a fade right at the defender covering the outside receiver (a linebacker in off-man coverage covering a tight end or running back), creating a throwing window for the outside receiver on a short dig/under route. Attacking the Strong Safety in the C-Gap when covering the Tight EndFinally, here’s a couple concepts New England went to last year to combat strong safetiescovering a tight end — Rob Gronkowski most of the time — in the C-gap. Many teams will move their defensive ends out wide to the D-gap and put the strong safety in the C to “choke” the tight end. However, this puts them at risk for creative play action concepts. For years, the book on New England has been to play press man coverage and challenge the receivers at the line of scrimmage. As you can see Jarrett Stidham NFL Draft , however, the Patriots have developed some creative ways to counter this defensive strategy. With the loss of Rob Gronkowski, one of these elements is now gone, but expect more and more creative man coverage counters as a result.The Patriots still have lots of skill player weapons that can slice up man coverage in many different ways, so this aspect of the Patriots offense should remain strong.Be sure to check out my upcoming Pats Playbook posts this summer to see how the running game/play action aspect of the 2019 Patriots offense will look! And please feel free to leave any Pats Playbook concept topics or any Patriots Xs and Os/Film Room topics that you guys are interested in in the comments and I’ll try to cover them! Patriots running back James White has developed into a productive and important member of the offense in New England, and he’ll take on even more importance in the short term, given that rookie Sony Michel is week-to-week with a hamstring injury.Speaking to reporters on Tuesday, coach Bill Belichick offered high praise for White.“James was a very productive player at Wisconsin and he filled both a running and a receiving role there over the course of his career,” Belichick said. “I think all of his skills were evident in college. He didn鈥檛 really get a chance to play much his rookie year here. That was Shane [Vereen]’s last year. But he’s always been a very hard worker, a very diligent guy, knows his assignments very, very well. Asks questions like a coach would ask them. Has an ability to think really far ahead of what problems could occur on certain fronts or looks or what have you. He does a great job of that. Always has, but as he’s gained more experience he just knows more and is able to continue to push ahead, like Tom [Brady] has at his position or Devin [McCourty] has at his position or Patrick [Chung] at his position. [Dont’a] Hightower, guys like that. They start off good and they just kind of keep going. As they learn more and experience more, they鈥檙e able to process more and do more and James has done that. He works very hard in the offseason. He works hard in season, works hard off the field, on the field, knows what his assignments or responsibilities are and does his very best to carry them out. You can鈥檛 ask for any more than that.”Belichick then was asked to explain what it means to ask questions like a coach, and the man who quite often mumbles and grumbles provided a meaningful and lucid response.“Well, if you were talking to another coach about a play, the coach would think ahead to what are the problems that could come up on this Jarrett Stidham Buffalo Bills Jersey ,” Belichick said. “If they do this, if they do that, if they do something else, what if this guy lines up here instead of there? Those are the kinds of things that a player, like all of the ones I just mentioned, [Matthew] Slater in the kicking game, [Nate] Ebner in the kicking game, they ask those same kind of questions. It’s not just, ‘What’s my assignment?’ It’s, ‘OK, well, what if these other things happen? How do we handle it? Are we going to switch it? Are we going to stay with it? Can I make this call? Can I make that call?’ I think when you talk to a coach about a play that’s the way a coach looks at it. He sees the whole play, sees all the issues, ‘Here’s what we’re trying to do but if they took that away from us, what would we do? Would we go to a different play or would we adjust this play? How would we adjust it?’ Things like that.”That’s one of the reasons why the Patriots have been so good for so long. They can spot players who will behave that way, and they collect them. They nurture them. And they make them into, essentially, a collection of coaches on the field.

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  It’s another exciting week of college games for us to watch.
Posted by: liny195 - 06-14-2019, 02:46 AM - Forum: Sendungen - No Replies

This week will feature one of my favorite matchups between Clemson and NC State. I will be prioritizing games with prospects that fit our primary needs. Those are as follows: Edge Chris Herndon Jerseys 2019 , T, WR, RB, G, ILB, TE and CB. I added WR, and ILB to the needs list. Here are just a few games to check out, and who you should keep a keen scouting eye on throughout.Oklahoma Vs. TCU (Sat 10/20, 12:00 PM EST, ABC)Edge, Ben Banogu, TCU (#15)Ben is an athletic edge guy that gets off the snap in a hurry. His motor is also top notch. His problems lies rawness in pass rushing moves. He is pretty repetitive.T, Lucas Niang, TCU (#77)Niang has been one of the best tackles in the Big 12 all year. Lucas has been extremely efficient in both pass blocking and opening up holes. T, Bobby Evans, Oklahoma (#71)Evans has a ton of power and has the meanness that you like in a lineman. Looks to finish and dominate blocks downfield.WR, Marquise Brown, Oklahoma (#5)They don’t call him “Hollywood” Brown for nothing. This kid is a star and a playmaker. He can blow the top off of any defense.OG, Ben Powers White Trenton Cannon Jerseys , Oklahoma (#72)Powers lives up to his name with a nose for power run blocking. Good build with little bad weight, durable player. Ben is a good puller and has very good reaction speed.OG, Dru Samia, Oklahoma (#75)Despite not having great lateral movement, Dru does move pretty smoothly to the second level. He blocks with a lot of powerOther Notable prospects: LBer, Ty Summers, TCU #42 Michigan Vs. Michigan State (Sat 10/20, 12:00PM EST, FOX)Edge, Kenny Willekes Michigan State (#48)Kenny is a little raw when it comes to pass rushing moves, but shows a great motor, and is able to anchor well against the run.Edge, Chase Winovich, Michigan (#15)Chase is a very heady player, that like Gary, has an endless motor. You won’t see Winovich caught out of position or chasing ghosts.Edge, Rashan Gary, Michigan (#3)Gary is a raw slab of athletic ability and a motor that never runs cold. Give him some time to refine his technique and he will be a problem.RB, L.J. Scott Trenton Cannon Jerseys 2019 , Michigan State (#3)Scott is a load to bring down. If your team needs a back that can lay some thud, L.J. is the guy.RB, Karan Higdon, Michigan (#22)Karan is a explosive little back. Once he gets into the open field, he jumps into a 2nd gear that is hard to chase down. Higdon gets to the 2nd level by using his patience and understanding of how the blocks will develop.CB, Lavert Hill, Michigan (#24)Hill uses his hands very well to gain leverage in man coverage. In the run game though, he can stand to be a little less soft.CB, David Long, Michigan (#22)Long isn’t the tallest corner, and maybe that has helped him develop his quick hips. He has the physicality to jam receivers at the line, and fight for position down the sideline.Other Notable prospects: QB, Brian Lewerke, Michigan State #14 - QB, Shea Patterson, Michigan #2 - S, Tyree Kinnel, Michigan #23 - Off-Ball LBer, Devin Bush Jr. White Jamal Adams Jerseys , Michigan #10 - S, David Dowell, Michigan State #6NC State Vs. Clemson (Sat 10/20, 3:30 PM EST, ESPN)Edge, Clelin Ferrell, Clemson (#93)Ferrell is a disciplined, 3 down edge guy. Clelin combines his length, speed and technique to rein hell down on o-linemen.Edge, Austin Bryant, Clemson (#7)Austin Bryant looks the part of an elite edge rush, but then once the ball is snapped, he looks anything but. He needs to grow in every aspect of the position.OT, Mitch Hyatt, Clemson (#75)Physically Hyatt is an amazing tackle prospect. Technically, he is a nightmare. His raw skill will get him looks in the first 3 rounds, but he needs some coaching bad.WR, Kelvin Harmon, N.C. State Jamal Adams Jerseys 2019 , (#3)With Metcalf injured, Harmon will probably the 1st WR off the board this April. Harmon is a complete receiver with his route running, hands, size and speed.RB, Tavien Feaster, Clemson (#28)Feaster is a North South runner that packs a punch. It’s hard to bring Tavien down behind the LOS.OG/C, Garrett Bradbury, N.C. State (#65)Garrett wins with great body control, hand placement and technique. He take great angles in space and is athletic enough to get to where he needs to be.OG, Terronne Prescod, N.C. State (#70)Terrone is a squatty, powerful people mover. Prescod absorbs power like those old videos of fat guys absorbing cannon balls Off-ball LBer, Kendall Joseph, Clemson (#33)Over the last two seasons, Joseph has been a tackling machine. There is nothing slow about Kendall, from his speed physically to his mental recognition.CB, Trayvon Mullen, Clemson (#21)Mullen has the size and speed to take advantage of the miss throws caused by the Clemson front 7. Now is his production his own, or should we give the credit to the before mentioned front 7.Other Notable prospects: QB White Marcus Maye Jerseys , Ryan Finley, N.C. State #15 - DT, Christian Wilkins, Clemson #42 - DT, Dexter Lawrence, Clemson #90 - LB, Germaine Pratt, N.C. State #3 - S, Tanner Muse, Clemson #19 Robby Anderson has 1,693 yards and 13 touchdowns over the last two seasons for the New York Jets. However, he thinks he can become even more productive under new head coach Adam Gase.According to Rich Cimini of ESPN.com, Anderson subtly gave a shot at former offensive coordinator Jeremy Bates while discussing his excitement to play for Gase.“Now I have a coach that’s going to utilize me as a player and not just make me run straight down the field,” Anderson said. “I was kind of put in a box. I know this year it’s going to be lights out.”Anderson has already become a productive NFL receiver despite entering the league as an undrafted free agent in 2016. He made the Jets that season as a rookie and played in all 16 games with eight starts. He caught 42 passes for 587 yards and two touchdowns before becoming a full-time starter in 2017. He set career highs with 63 catches for 941 yards and seven touchdowns in his second season in the league.Anderson also said he believes he’s shown he’s worthy of receiving 10 targets per game. His career-high for targets was 114 in 2017 over 16 games. Only five receivers in the league averaged more than 10 targets a game last year: Julio Jones (170), Davante Adams (169), Antonio Brown (168), JuJu Smith-Schuster (166) and DeAndre Hopkins (163).The Jets gave Anderson a second-round tender as a restricted free agent last month. If/When signed, it will pay Anderson $3.095 million for the 2019 season.

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  Womens Kerry Hyder Jersey
Posted by: elaine95 - 06-14-2019, 02:32 AM - Forum: Fußball - No Replies

A look at the Lions’ official 2019 UDFA class."WhiteFanposts Fanshots Sections Detroit Lions NewsDetroit Lions NotesDetroit Lions AnalysisDetroit Lions TransactionsDetroit Lions Game RecapsDetroit Lions NewsDetroit Lions TransactionsDetroit Lions officially sign 13 undrafted rookiesNew Luke Willson Jersey White ,41commentsA look at the Lions’ official 2019 UDFA class. EDTShareTweetShareShareDetroit Lions officially sign 13 undrafted rookiesJeff Hanisch-USA TODAY SportsAs the Detroit Lions prepare to begin their rookie minicamp on Friday, the team announced the signing of 13 undrafted rookies. Here’s a look at the team’s official UDFA class:TE Nate Becker — Miami (OH)G Beau Benzschawel — WisconsinLB Malik Carney - North CarolinaWR Jonathan Duhart - Old DominionLB Tre Lamar - ClemsonS C.J. Moore - MississippiT Matt Nelson - IowaTE Donald Parham - StetsonLB Anthony Pittman - Wayne StateT Ryan Pope - San Diego StateDT Ray Smith - Boston CollegeG Micah St. Andrew - Fresno StateDT Kevin Strong - Texas San-AntonioThe UDFA class is headlined by two offensive linemen: offensive tackle Ryan Pope and guard Beau Benzschawel. The Lions reportedly gave Pope $145,000 guaranteed, an extremely high amount for a UDFA, indicating he was in high demand after the draft was over. Likewise, Benzschawel reportedly received over 20 offers from NFL teams, but ultimately chose the Lions.Both Pope and Benzschawel have a legitimate chance to make the 53-man roster, given Detroit’s thin lineup on the offensive line. Other undrafted rookies to keep an eye on include defensive Malik Carney, who tallied 24 tackles for loss and 11.5 sacks in his final two season at North Carolina, and monster-of-a-man Donald Parham, who stands tall at 6-foot-8 and is capable of plays like this:In addition to this UDFA class, the Lions have numerous undrafted players who are expected to take part in this weekend’s rookie minicamp on a tryout basis. We’ve got a list of some of those players in our 2019 UDFA tracker. In addition to these 13 signings, the Lions have released wide receiver Brandon Reilly http://www.lionslockerroom.com/authentic...day-jersey , bringing their roster total to the maximum 90 players. Matthew Stafford was supposed to be the franchise’s savior 10 years ago, now Detroit must find another one."The Detroit Lions closed out their 2018 campaign with a 31-0 victory over their arch-rival Green Bay Packers on the 30th of December. While the game did not matter much, both teams had already been eliminated from postseason contention, it was a symbolic victory for a team that had just gone through one of its worst seasons of the decade. A defense that was oft-maligned to start the year pitched a shutout, quarterback Matthew Stafford finished the year strong after an entire year of struggles, a stagnant offense put 31 points on the board and Detroit earned a dominant victory at Lambeau Field, a stadium which haunted them for decades in the past.The game also fittingly came just two days after the ten year anniversary of one of the most infamous match up between the teams.On December 28, 2008, the 0-15 Lions had one last chance to salvage their season and avoid an almost unthinkable winless season. The Lions played with fight, and brought a deficit that was once 14 all the way down to three with a Kevin Smith touchdown run midway through the fourth quarter. The team was rallying and looked like they had a chance to steal a victory in the seasons final week. It then took only one play on the ensuing possession for Aaron Rodgers to find Donald Drive for a 71-yard touchdown pass, effectively ending the game and clinching a defeated season. This was a turning point for the franchise—it had to be.The organization cleaned house and changed their logo. They spent their first overall pick on quarterback Matthew Stafford and were prepared to make him the face of the franchise going forward. It was a new age of Detroit Lions football, and they were making sure everyone knew that. 10 years later it’s easy to see how far this franchise has come. Since 2011 (the first two years post-2008 were rife with injuries and rebuilding), the team has made the playoffs three times—having not reached the postseason since 1999 previously. Stafford has emerged as one of the statistically greatest quarterbacks in NFL history. They have proven to be legitimate competitors in the NFC North and have hung with the best of teams in the NFL. But it is also easy to argue that this franchise has not gone anywhere at all since the Stafford era began. They’ve posted a 63-65 record since 2011 Womens Calvin Johnson Jersey , and while this is an improvement over the 40-88 record they posted between 2000-2007, it is still below .500. They still have never won the NFC North. All three of their playoff appearances ended with exits in the wild card round, and in two of those three games they were blown out. Despite Stafford’s box score stuffing, he has only been to one Pro Bowl.As a fan of the team over the past 17 years, things do genuinely feel different now than they did before. But after taking a deep look back at the past few years, it’s hard to see why.And that brings us to where the team stands entering the 2019 season. The 2018 campaign ended with a 6-10 record, but it feels like it went much worse than that. A team that should have at least been in the wild card hunt felt like they were out of the playoff race three quarters into the season opener. With new head coach Matt Patricia at the helm and the team’s new look run game, many thought this was finally the year that Detroit’s long-term plan for success would come to fruition.The Lions finally decided that the process of “rebuilding” and slowly working their way towards inevitable success was just was not cutting it this offseason. They spent $90 million to land edge defender Trey Flowers, arguably the best free agent of the 2019 class. General manager Bob Quinn splurged again, making nickel Justin Coleman the highest-paid player at his position. Detroit took a risk on Jesse James, a tight end with loads of potential who has not quite put it together yet, giving him a multi-year deal to be one of the team’s top tight ends for years to come. The team still has not gone as far as the Chicago Bears and Los Angeles Rams did last season, as they both mortgaged their future for immediate success in 2018 Zach Zenner Jersey White , but they are clearly building a team that they want to win right now. All of the players listed above players have back loaded contracts that will force Detroit into tough decisions in the near future. For now, though, they have acquired enough talent to make noise this year. Their is also another contract Detroit will soon have to deal with in the near future. Stafford still has four years left on his then-record $135 million deal he signed in 2017, but the team could get out of his deal early in 2021. If another team meets the right price, he could be a trade candidate after 2019—rumors have it a trade may have even been in play at some points last offseason. A win-now roster filled with back-loaded deals, a potential decision on Stafford and the precarious job security of both Patricia and Quinn make this year’s NFL draft possibly the most important in franchise history. The Lions currently hold the eighth overall pick in the draft—their highest selection since they drafted Ezekiel Ansah fifth overall in 2013. If they land a star, this team has potential to be special. If they whiff, a team that has been rebuilding for decades may choose to start from scratch once again.Unlike 2009, the last time a Lions draft felt like it was truly going to define the franchise going forward, their is not an obvious top position of need. Stafford felt like the only choice a decade ago and the only other player in relative consideration was also a quarterback in Mark Sanchez.Detroit has a multitude of positions that they could choose to address with the eighth pick, making the choice even harder.They could boost their pass rush by drafting Florida State’s Brian Burns, a small but speedy pass rusher that has all of the tools a player would need to dominate the league for years. Montez Sweat out of Mississippi State, a bigger Womens Matt Prater Jersey , stronger more versatile edge defender, could give a boost upfront as well and seems like the perfect player for a defense run by Patricia. Ed Oliver, the player so talented that some have created the position “off-ball tackle” specifically to describe the amount of things he can do on a football field. He would bolster one of the league’s best defensive tackle units and possibly revolutionize Detroit’s front-7.With Pro Bowl guard T.J. Lang out the door, NC State’s Garrett Bradbury could be the perfect replacement. Bradbury was recruited to the Wolfpack as a tight end, but his blocking prowess and high football IQ led to him moving all the way inside to guard.They could also choose Alabama offensive lineman Jonah Williams. While he played tackle in Tuscaloosa, many believe he has what it takes to kick inside to guard for the time being before eventually usurping the role of Rick Wagner going forward. Cornerback is not quite out of play either. While many consider this year’s class to be one of the weakest in recent years, the position is arguably the biggest need on Detroit’s roster. LSU’s Greedy Williams, Notre Dame’s Julian Love and Penn State’s Amani Oruwariye are all flawed prospects, but also have enough talent to be an instant boost to not only the corner position, but the entire defense. And of course, the tight duo out of Iowa is in play. T.J. Hockenson is an all-around star that would give the team a boost as a receiver and provides utility in the trenches as a blocker. Noah Fant is the sexier pick.He provides less off the nitty gritty stuff that doesn’t appear in the box score, but is an incredible, refined Womens Kerry Hyder Jersey , receiver that could give the team exactly what they were missing without Eric Ebron last season. There are seemingly endless paths Detroit can take with the eighth overall pick, but whichever one they choose has to be the right one. The Lions have managed to land all-time greats early in the draft in the past with both Calvin Johnson in 2007 and Ndamukong Suh in 2010, but they were never able to build enough talent around them (and Stafford) to truly compete. The Lions have the team needed to compete this time around, they just need a little more star power on the roster to truly put it all together. For the first time in a long time this team has Super Bowl potential, and with how quickly windows close in the NFL, Detroit can not afford to let this opportunity slip through their fingers.10 years ago, the Lions made the right choice. Now, in what could possibly be the most important draft pick in franchise history, they have to make the right choice once again. If not, the Same Old Lions may get sent right back through the seemingly endless cycle of futility that has haunted them for generations.

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  Jonah Williams Cincinnati Bengals Jersey
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In eight games this season http://www.thebengalslockerroom.com/auth...one-jersey , the Bengals have essentially played six nail-biters. They’ve come out on top of four of them, which points to their never-give-up attitude. But, one could also argue that the team is on a high wire without a balancing pole. Here are some things we can take away from the Bengals’ 37-34 win over the Buccaneers this week. This team is and will continue to be feast-or-famine:Spoiler alert: the Bengals are a very inconsistent team this year.Whether it’s game-to-game or even quarter-to-quarter, this year’s talented Cincinnati squad is a mixed bag. As if it wasn’t on display enough through the first seven games, Sunday’s win against Tampa Bay should have been enough of an example. After roaring out to a 21-0 lead in the first half, Cincinnati decided to hit cruise control, or even neutral, as the Buccaneers nearly pulled off a crazy comeback. The entrance of Ryan Fitzpatrick into the contest definitely gives the defense a bit of a pass, but still—21 points to a backup quarterback in just over a quarter, while defending your home turf?Still, it wasn’t just on the defense. After all, Teryl Austin’s unit did gift the offense four interceptions (one being a pick-six) and five sacks on the afternoon. Bill Lazor and his crew have to take a bit of the blame for a near-disastrous outcome. In what has become a bit of a theme this year, Cincinnati’s offense completely disappeared in the third quarter. After sitting on a 27-9 halftime lead, Andy Dalton and Co. responded with four straight three-and-out drives. What’s the lesson here? I’m not totally sure, but this team has shown us times of completely dominant and explosive play and others where they look like high school junior varsity squad. They’re still stuck in some of their ways and it hurts the team:Tyler Eifert is out for the year, Tyler Kroft’s return is murky and John Ross will probably be battling his nagging groin injury throughout the year, as that’s how those ailments usually go. As they headed into the bye week Tyler Boyd Jersey , it would seem that a somewhat high-profile addition before the trade deadline would make sense on a few different levels. Yet, as Tuesday’s trade deadline came and went, tumbleweeds floated through the halls of Paul Brown Stadium. Meanwhile, the rich got richer—the Rams grabbed Dante Fowler, Houston snagged Demaryius Thomas, while the Eagles, last year’s Super Bowl champs, grabbed Golden Tate.Oh, you didn’t think the Bengals should part with one of their prized draft picks?Well, how about a shuffling of certain personnel who have seemingly been somewhat-ineffective? Right side of the offensive line, anyone? Well, with rookie Billy Price apparently ready to come back to the lineup, he’ll be back at center. And, most indications have Trey Hopkins, who has filled in admirably for Price, heading back to the bench. Per Geoff Hobson of Bengals.com:“He’s grown a lot in his first exposure to playing center in significant games,” Lewis said of Hopkins’ play. “He’s really done a nice job from the communication part of handling his own job Carl Lawson Jersey , getting on the right person and being able to execute and block his guy. We have all been pleased with Trey. He was somewhat of an unknown (at center) when he played in the preseason there, but he has upheld his end of the bargain.”But, he isn’t good enough to start at his natural position of right guard? Lewis and Co. have been that pleased with Alex Redmond to this point?The point is that even though Lewis may have wrestled a little more power from Mike Brown in this round of contract negotiations back in January, some major organizational practices remain the same. With zero moves made before the trade deadline, the team giving yo-yo-like performances and suffering a bunch of injuries, why wouldn’t you push the chips to the center of the table to push for a Lombardi Trophy in 2018?Sustainability lingers as the major problem for a playoff berth/run:I’m hard-pressed to find a recent team to compare the 2018 Cincinnati Bengals to as an example of success. As mentioned above, the Bengals’ feast-or-famine ways don’t seem to provide a lot of confidence that this team can get to and/or through the postseason. Maybe it’s the injuries. After all, many starters and rotational players have been lost for significant portions of the season. Or is it the slew of new coaches and young players on the roster? It takes time for even the veterans to get acclimated to new coaching, and the young guys still might be in the middle of a learning curve.Some can look back at the 2005 Bengals team as a barometer for success, while seeing many similarities to this year’s team. That defense grabbed turnovers with great frequency, but rarely stopped opposing offenses. They had a great offense that took advantage of those short fields at every turn. Still, while the 2018 offense has spurts of where it can look like Carson Palmer’s old group, they, like the other facets of the team, remain very inconsistent. It’s in that adjective that has us wondering just how good this 5-3 team is at the moment. In three major contests this year (Baltimore, Pittsburgh and Kansas City), the Bengals are 1-2 Womens Michael Johnson Jersey , including an utter embarrassment against the Chiefs. After the bye, they have another huge litmus test against New Orleans and the result there will either shatter or cement preconceived notions about this team. Cincinnati officially has their trio of offensive stars:We already know that A.J. Green was paving his route to Canton and with Sunday’s performance, it just kept adding to his stellar resume. However, it’s been a breakout year for Tyler Boyd and Joe Mixon. We figured Mixon would be poised for a pretty outstanding season since Jeremy Hill left Cincinnati and No. 28’s role increased, but he’s even been a bit more than advertised. He had 124 yards on 21 carries with two touchdowns on Sunday, and is currently 8th in the league in rushing yards with 509. Did we mention that he should be getting more carries?Meanwhile, Boyd has become one of Andy Dalton’s favorite receivers this year. Sure, he will still target Green in the double-digit range every contest, but with Tyler Eifert on I.R., Tyler Kroft being shelved for the foreseeable future, along with Giovani Bernard, No. 14 has needed a security blanket. We now see why Cincinnati was so sure in their decision to let Brandon LaFell go during training camp, as the former second round pick obviously showed he was ready for a big-time role. He has four more receptions than Green (49 to 45), and just one touchdown less than the team’s star receiver with five. Bernard should be coming back after the bye with Kroft following shortly after, so Boyd may see a little dip in targets, but he’ll continue to be relied upon to move the chains and come up with clutch touchdowns down the stretch. It was a tale of two halves in Cincinnati.The Dolphins dominated the first half, taking a 17-0 halftime lead. But it was all Cincinnati in the second half as the Bengals have become this season’s comeback kids.The Bengals scored 27 unanswered points Jonah Williams Cincinnati Bengals Jersey , including two defensive touchdowns to rally for a 27-17 victory. They moved to 4-1, while handing the Dolphins their second consecutive defeat after three victories to open the season.Miami, missing three offensive linemen after left tackle Laremy Tunsil left with a head injury, could not keep the Bengals away from quarterback Ryan Tannehill. Cincinnati sacked Tannehill three times, including two by Geno Atkins, and harassed him nearly every pass attempt in the second half.Carlos Dunlap‘s sack with 2:37 remaining resulted in a fumble, which Sam Hubbard returned 19 yards for a clinching touchdown.The Bengals also scored on a pick-six.Dolphins left tackle Sam Young, Tunsil’s replacement, was beaten by Michael Johnson, who forced an attempted throw away by Tannehill. But Tannehill鈥檚 pass bounced off offensive lineman Durham Smythe鈥榮 helmet and back to Johnson, who ran 22 yards with the interception for a touchdown. That tied the game at 17 with 11:43 remaining. Randy Bullock‘s 20-yard field goal with 3:30 remaining gave the Bengals their first lead at 20-17, and then Hubbard iced it.Andy Dalton finished 20-of-30 for 248 yards with one touchdown and one interception. A.J. Green caught six passes for 112 yards.Tannehill went 20-of-35 for 185 yards with a touchdown and two fourth-quarter interceptions. He also lost the fumble in the fourth quarter.

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  Will you Cop new 2019 Nike Kyrie 5 Patrick?
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Kyrie 5, the star of the Boston Celtics' star, Kerry Owen, has been loved by many sneaker players since its launch. In the recent WNBA women's basketball game, a new color matching Kyrie 5 appeared. Nike Kyrie 5 Patrick's shoes are mainly pink and embellished with white speckled patterns, much like the previous breast cancer collection. The details of the tongue are hidden and the pink “Patrick” lettering is very eye-catching. The unique Nike lettering on the heel is equally eye-catching, in the form of a embossed font, with a suede heel and a very delicate texture. The midsole is designed with a fluorescent yellow tone and a pink upper. The combination of two bright colors makes the shoes look particularly attractive.
Recent news about the new Air Jordan 14 is coming, and the joint name of Supreme x Air Jordan 14 will be released this week. Next week, a new Air Jordan 14 black and yellow color scheme called “Reverse Ferrari” will be released soon. Air Jordan 14 SE Reverse Ferrari extends Ferrari's signature yellow and black color to the color of the shoe. The suede upper is highlighted in bright yellow, and the small Jumpman Logo is embellished in the toe, simple and recognizable. The thick tongue is made of lychee and the handle is elasticated. The logo with the transparent logo is like a car logo, which is very advanced. The midsole is decorated with a unique carbon fiber texture that presents a Ferrari-like technology. The streamlined silhouette is like a Ferrari, showing the speed and passion of the shoes.
Nowadays, the retro trend is still going on. Not only are there old fashion shoes like the Parisian family, but also many civilians and sports players are a good match. Recently, Nike has released a ZoomX Vista Grind running shoe that combines sportiness and unique retro look. The Nike ZoomX Vista Grind has a very exaggerated padded midsole with a unique profile that makes the entire pair of shoes look like a cut from the body. The upper part of the body retains the ZoomX flap material upper, and the thin sock is easy to put on and take off. The Swoosh Logo traverses the side body, and the heel-shaped thermoset finishes the tail, showing a sharp sporting temperament. The lower half of the midsole, equipped with ZoomX technology, is stable in a streamlined contour like a bee hole. The translucent outsole is thick, but not clumsy.

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  What is the HP Printer Assistant? How to download & Install?
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HP Printer Assistant is the print management software for HP printers, which is designed for managing print activities and also improving the efficiency of your printer. Printer management software i.e. ‘HP Printer Assistant’ automatically gets installed whenever you install HP Printer drivers. The software comes with its best technical features, which makes the print job much easier. With the help of it, Users can track printer page usage, check the level of ink, scan document or image, can take control of all printing processes, and more.

HP Printer Assistant helps users to manage their print job without any difficulty. The automatic feature the software takes care of all the printing processes going on with the printer. It also lets you manage all the print job with its inbuilt features. In other words, the HP Support Assistant is a printer maintenance tool for HP printers for tuning performance, troubleshooting issues, and updating printer drivers.

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  How to fix QuickBooks error code 80070057?
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The most common error to curse QuickBooks is Error Code 80070057. Usually, when the user makes an attempt to open the backup file in the QuickBooks programming externally by making a double click on it instead of using the programming, this error is more likely to arise.
Steps to fix QuickBooks Error Code 80070057
• we will further explain the possible solutions for QuickBooks error 0x80070057. This error code indicates that the user has not sufficient permissions to remove the files from the particular folder. IN this situation, make sure that you must have the read/write permission as well as create/delete rights in order to access the company file.
• Whenever you open the company file either from a pen drive or flash drive, you must copy the file into hard drive first & then attempt to open the file in QuickBooks.
• If the error message appears during QuickBooks installation, you can uninstall, re-download & re-install the application and then try to open the file.
• You must check for the latest updates in QB, install them and get started.
• Try to open your company files within the QuickBooks application, rather than opening it by double-clicking.
• Just change the Firewall Rules to allow Ports pertaining related to QB.
• Configure anti-virus Bitdefender to allow QuickBooks Desktop communication.
• If the file corrupts, download & run QuickBooks doctor.
If the above solution not works, then you should call 1-888-986-7735 to get the instant solution of your issues. Our Quickbooks support Number 24/7 available for the user and we provide the quality service to every query or issue.

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  Different Types of Essays
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Essay is generally a short piece of writing where the author writes and presents his ideas on a particular thing in his own words. Here, we will discuss the various different types of essays and how to use them in our assignments and write-ups.

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  Norton Setup - Install Norton Setup - Norton.com/setup
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How-to-install Norton Antivirus may be a family of net security applications developed by Norton for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, humanoid and iOS. Norton antivirus works on each device either it's mobile or PCs. Norton antivirus is developed with uncountable helpful options and programming. consistent with Norton, part of Windows ten Gregorian calendar month 2018 Update is incompatible with the Norton Behavior defend and is inflicting problems right currently if you wish get any resolution concerning Norton antivirus now contact from Norton antivirus toll free number. Or how to install Norton?

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  For the solution of trading issues dial +1-856-558-9404
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There are many technical errors for the new users of Uphold. So for resolving these errors, dial the helpline number which is available 24*7 for the customer to tackle their issues. On the Uphold Phone Number +1-856-558-9404, many Uphold experts are live on it which solve your technical errors.

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