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How to Fix Kodi Not Working on Windows
When Kodi is not able to launch the Windows, then this means something is wrong. The Kodi not working on windows error will occur while updating Kodi or Windows to its latest version. Some users are facing this issue when they have installed particular add-ons. In this article, you will get different methods to fix this issue on your Windows PC.

Here’s how to fix Kodi not working on Windows

·       Reinstalling Kodi

1.    Press on the Start option.

2.    It is located at the end of the left-hand side of the display.

3.    Go to the Control Panel.

4.    You need to search for the Control Panel.

5.    Enter the Control Panel in the search bar.

6.    Additionally, press on the cog symbol.

7.    You need to do this from the Settings tab in case you are using the Windows 10.

8.    In the Control Panel, choose the View as- Category option.

9.    It is given at the upper right-hand side of the screen.

10.  Press on the Uninstall a Program option.

11.  It is located below the Programs column.

12.  In case you have opened the Setting application on the Windows 10 PC.

13. Press on the Apps option.

14.  It will launch the menu list of all the applications and software on the system.

15. Find the Kodi given in the menu list of all the programs.

16. Press on the Uninstall option.

17. Press on the Finish option.

18. You need to start the system again to check if you have fixed this issue or not.

Once you have completed this procedure, remove the Kodi data given in the PC by going through the steps mentioned below:

1.    Go to the below-mentioned location on the system:


2.    You need to open the  Microsoft Windows Explorer.

3.    Press on the This PC option.

4.    In case you don’t get the AppData folder, you have to enable the option which turns on the view hidden files and folder option.

5.    Press on the View option.

6.    It is given on the File Explorer window.

7.    Press on the Hidden items box.

8.    It is located in the Show or hides the column.

9.    Now, the File Explorer gets visible.

10.  Remove the Kodi content.

11.  You will find this in the Roaming folder.

12.  In case you will get the text which indicates that some files couldn’t have been deleted.

13.  You need to open Kodi and complete this process by going to the Task Manager.

·       Remove add-on file

1.    Click on the below-mentioned location on the system:


2.    You need to launch the Windows Explorer menu.

3.    Press on the This PC symbol.

4.    It is located on the left-hand corner of the screen.

5.    In case you are not able to get the AppData folder, then enable the option which lets you show hidden files and folders.

6.    Press on the View option.

7.    It is located on the File Explorer window.

8.    After that, press on the Hidden Items box.

9.    It is located in the Show or Hides column.

10.   Now, all the hidden files will appear on the screen.

11.  Remove the Addons27.db folder.

12.  It is given in the Database folder.

13.  You need to close the Kodi and complete the procedure in Task Manager.

14.  Ensure that you have completed the removing process.

15.  Now, you need to check whether you have fixed this issue or not.

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