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yards, trailing NFL-leader Ezekiel Elliott by 183 yards.
Welp." 2019 Los Angeles Rams Regular Season2019 Los Angeles Rams OffseasonESPN’s Barnwell tabs 2019 Los Angeles Rams as one of five most likely teams to declineNew Samson Ebukam Jersey ,79commentsWelp.CDTESPN’s Bill Barnwell has his five teams most likely to decline in 2019 up, and his first entry?The 2019 Los Angeles Rams.Barnwell’s list of reasons why to include the Rams is rather lengthy:The Rams’ fortune in closer games ending with a 6-1 recordAn unbelievably strong fumble recovery rateA relatively average defenseOffensive line turnoverThe ridiculous run the Rams have had on the injury front going back to 2016The patella novellaA potential increase in strength of schedule difficultyYeah, that’s quite a list.I’ve got one to add to it in a piece I’ll have up later this week, but all of that’s fair reason to think the Rams might regress a bit in 2019. The good thing is that a regression for a team that went 13-3 might still be 11-5 with the potential for a playoff run.It’s also worth noting the other teams Barnwell tabbed to step down a bit this year. He’s got the two teams the Rams played in the playoffs en route to Super Bowl LIII: the New Orleans Saints and the Dallas Cowboys. He’s also got the Rams’ cross-town pals in the Los Angeles Chargers. Given that all four made the playoffs, they’re all fine candidates to fall off the perch since you have to be on a perch in the first place...unless you’re the Miami Dolphins, Barnwell’s fifth team. Gotta feel for Fins fans right now.In the end, the Rams do have challenges to face this season. And coming out of the Super Bowl, they’ll certainly be targeted week-to-week by teams looking to summon their best.But for all the reasons to expect a decline, there are plenty of reasons to think this team will be well positioned to earn another division title and make a playoff run. The Rams expected Todd Gurley to play up until game time Sunday. He didn’t.Nothing has changed this week.If Gurley is ready to play Cooper Kupp Jersey , he’ll play. If he’s not, he won’t.鈥淚t鈥檚 kind of the same place we were at,鈥?Rams coach Sean McVay told beat reporters Monday in a conference call. 鈥淗e came in, was feeling good today. We鈥檙e just taking it a day at a time right now. . . .I know he鈥檚 done a nice job with his rehab. No real updates, but we鈥檙e just kind of going to take it day-to-day with Todd.鈥漈he Rams made the decision to make Gurley inactive after putting him through a pregame workout. He has dealt with left knee inflammation since Week 15.“We want to do what’s best for Todd most importantly and what’s best for Todd is also what’s best for our football team,” McVay said. “We don’t want to do anything where we’re putting him in harm鈥檚 way, if we feel like it could be something where we’re putting him at risk. But if he’s getting back, if he’s feeling good, then the anticipation is getting him ready to go. But we’re just going to take this one day at a time right now.“It was good to see what [C.J. Anderson and John Kelly] did yesterday John Johnson Jersey , but nothing changes with regards to our approach with Todd. If we can get him ready to go, then that’s what we’ll do. and if not, then we’ll just kind of play that by ear.”The Rams are playing for a first-round bye. A Rams loss to the 49ers plus a Bears victory over the Vikings would force the Rams to play wild-card weekend.Gurley still ranks second in rushing with 1,251 yards, trailing NFL-leader Ezekiel Elliott by 183 yards. The Cowboys are playing for nothing Sunday against the Giants, having already clinched the NFC East and locked into the fourth seed. The Rams are unconcerned if Gurley goes four weeks between games. He last played in Week 15. If he sits out this week, and the Rams get a bye, he wouldn’t play again until the divisional round. McVay rested his star players in the preseason, and they didn’t miss a beat in the season opener against Oakland.鈥淵ou鈥檇 obviously like to be able to get these guys as much work as possible Jared Goff Jersey , but most importantly is the health,鈥?McVay said. “. . .Would it be ideal? No. But is it something that you鈥檙e going to be concerned with? No.鈥淚 think we have a lot of confidence in Todd, and if he’s ready to go, then he’ll be good to go, and he’ll be sharp whenever that is.”

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