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A federal judge has denied a law firm's request to be added as an administrator of the NFL's estimated $1 billion concussion settlement.
U.S. District Judge Anita Brody rejected an attempt from the Locks Law Firm to join the process that compensates former players for head injuries they sustained during their careers. The firm had claimed that the process was going too slowly.
In a two-page order issued Wednesday Scott Darling Jersey , Brody said existing administrator Seeger Weiss has done a "fine job."
The settlement resolved thousands of lawsuits that accused the NFL of hiding what it knew about the risks of repeated concussions. Players who suffer from Lou Gehrig's disease, dementia or other neurological problems linked to head trauma could receive as much as $5 million apiece.
Nearly 400 claims that could pay out more than $416 million have already been approved.
Attorney Christopher Seeger told The Associated Press that his goal is to hold the NFL accountable.
An NFL spokesman declined to comment.
With the daughter of Broncos owner Pat Bowlen hoping to take control of the franchise in a manner that would seem to run afoul of the meticulous plans made by Bowlen before he relinquished control to a group of trustees, Broncos G.M. and president of football operations John Elway has issued a statement supporting team president and CEO Joe Ellis.
“I want to make one thing clear about yesterday’s news,” Elway said. “Joe Ellis is doing an incredible job and I have full confidence in him. He’s got all of our support. Pat put a lot of good people in place to follow his plan Womens Tom Pyatt Jersey , and that’s what they’re doing.”
The plan consists of the trustees deciding when and if one of Bowlen’s seven children will be ready to take over the team. In theory, the trustees could decide that it will never happen, which could (again, in theory) result in a sale of the franchise.
By supporting Ellis Jared Spurgeon Jersey , Elway necessarily is supporting himself. Unlike every other G.M. in the NFL (except for Jerry Jones), Elway operates with virtual autonomy and independence, with no chance of an owner strolling in to Elway’s office and asking a bunch of questions, demanding a bunch of answers Tuukka Rask Jersey , and hinting that a bunch of changes could be made if things don’t improve.
So if the effort to find which of the seven children is best suited to serve as owner (which may include assessing which of them would be most friendly to the current power structure of the team) becomes short-circuited, the child who emerges as the owner could end up installing his or her own preferred executives.
The fact that Ellis and Elway have publicly pushed back against Beth Bowlen Wallace could make their ouster much more likely, if she ever gets in. Ghe fact that they’ve publicly engaged her suggests that they have a high degree of confidence that, if push comes to lawsuit (and it feels like that’s where this is heading) Authentic Dougie Hamilton Jersey , Beth Bowlen Wallace won’t be taking over.
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