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When I got up in the
When I got up in the morning, I opened the curtains and suddenly found that the leaves on the outside were a lot yellower, and they fell a lot. Going to work and seeing the creeper on the wall of the unit is also a deep red, but I can't see a little green. It seems to be red all night. In the memory, Yin seems to be green yesterday. In the autumn of Gobi, he always gives no thoughts to anyone. Compared with the cold rhythm of the autumn rain in the hinterland, the autumn of the Gobi has to be fast Cigarettes For Sale, fierce, and there is no slight transition, which is always unpredictable. As if you just changed the clothes of the summer, you haven't returned to God. It seems that you have to prepare for winter clothing. If the autumn in the hinterland is like a dancer who is late, it needs a light, sound and so on. Then the autumn of the Gobi is a strong man who stepped on a solid step and said that he would not be left with any sorrow and delusion. Maybe the different regions created different climates. Different climates have created different emotions of people. It is also the golden autumn holiday. The gentle southerners sip osmanthus wine, and the mouthful of slang is listening to the osmanthus in the courtyard. The rough, straightforward Gobi people have their heads in the hot sun, their feet on the gravel, and the journey to watch Hu Wenrun and Rough Newport Cigarettes, Guihua and Populus euphratica, are not all kinds of emotions. The mood of autumn is beautiful again, and the total companion will be a little embarrassed with some decline. Perhaps we are obsessed with and longing for these demise and sorrow, sadness and nostalgia, loneliness and dying. Every year, the seasons change, but how can you not see this golden autumn, even if you look at the fallen leaves, look at people coming and going, feel the poetry of this autumn, slowly melt in the arms of autumn, smile and sleep in the four seasons, I love autumn alone, because it is not like the charm of spring, the heat of summer, the chill of winter, it is like a soft and soft cloud in the sky, it can exist in various poses. It is always getting thinner in the autumn rain of a field, slowly going to the winter. However, before that you can always see it anywhere. Or soft, or Wen Xi, or naughty, or sad, or happy. You see, it is always so unpredictable, not enough to see under the sun, the lake is blowing under the breeze, you see that the lotus field in the summer is like a serious injury. Hanging down the proud head, showing the appearance of this defeat. And you will be able to hear Xia Wei��s last sorrowful singer in the willow tree by the river. Everything lost its original color under the ravages of time, while autumn, with another bright color to highlight its existence. Golden, splendid and dazzling autumn, in the eyes of the world, has always been synonymous with harvest and hope. It seems that in such a season, those harvests that have been deposited for a long time will break out in such a season and fall into people's eyes, and in the hearts of the breeze and the sun, those hopes will be buried in the people. In the fertile land, waiting for the coming of the next autumn. Repeatedly, it seems that everything is gradual, but not in accordance with the law. In autumn, Huan people often say that the most beautiful is not the rainy day, the eaves that are suitable for you to spend together. Therefore, when Qiuyu was lingering, he supported a paper umbrella and his beloved on the creek of the drizzle. The sound of light rain and the sound of the footsteps on the road have become the most warm and romantic movements in the autumn rain Cheap Cigarettes. If you are not happy, you will always laugh and love autumn. Then, if you don��t understand autumn, how can it be easy? Love it. In my eyes, the most gentle woman in the autumn, seemingly weak but tough like Iron Man, reluctant to accept defeat; it is like a reckless man, seemingly polite but prosperous, willing to give in; he likes Naughty children, seemingly innocent but stubborn, make people laugh and be happy not to return home. You see, it is always so varied, it makes people crazy in my eyes, no matter what the autumn looks like. I always believe that it always has only one gesture, that is, the warm, poetic appearance of the sun. I love it, just because it changes it all the time. Not shocked, not arrogant Marlboro Lights, not coming or going, always indifferent as a spring. How can such an autumn not be remembered? Not being loved? In my eyes Online Cigarettes, autumn is the most lovable member of the family of the four seasons, so I love autumn alone. Dangui fragrance, sorrowful; Jinju blooms, full of vitality; the breeze ten miles, blue waves ripple; autumn rain lingering, smiles gorgeous. In this autumn, how can you let go and not love? In the eyes of the sad, everything is bleak in the autumn, so autumn is a sad autumn in their eyes, but in the eyes of happy people, all things grow in different postures. So in their eyes, autumn is a happy autumn. However, in my eyes, autumn is a light autumn. When it is sad, it can make the world cry with its rhythm. When it is happy, it is clear, blue sky and white clouds, but no matter what kind of emotion it is, it will always return to the indifferent appearance, quietly silent, this is autumn. It is the most beautiful and true autumn in my eyes. I love it just because it is it!
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