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life is for himself
C life is for himself or for the world. I saw this sentence on the Internet: "Whether dreams belong to oneself or belong to the world Cheap Cigarettes, dreams may change the world, but the world cannot change dreams." If a person does not love himself first, how can he love others? Abbe, this time in school is the most precious. In this time, it can make you become more motivated, intelligent and connotative. It can also make people fall or glory. Very interesting phenomenon. You should grasp every opportunity of the moment, cherish every second of the time, Abbe, learn to love someone, she can make your life full of color, hurt or hurt, this is the story you should experience. You should burn yourself with a hot and sincere heart, let her leave the last light for you, you must be firm in the reason or will be a lifetime of Abe Online Cigarettes, if you are tired, go home. The home is your only world. Learn to be considerate of your parents, save time with them, let them see hope from you, you are the heart of your parents, why hide them, be their arms, pick up the big Abbe in life, remember Be strong, be mad in time, converge your arrogance, let life meet you, and bathe in the sun to grow stronger tomorrow. Remember that you are a man, you have to shoulder the responsibility on your shoulders and everyone's expectations of you. Don't panic, your life is still quite long. If you grow up now, you will definitely be brilliant in the future. Those who are always joking and serious words, I believe that you are buried in your heart, those days when the sun sets. The secret of running on the playground, some shadows in the darkness Parliament Cigarettes, you can bury in your heart, those words that you always inadvertently reveal your most helpless memories. In those yellowed time fragments, you always Sorry Abbe, I know that the pressure from life has not knocked you down. You have learned to follow the world numbness, madness, no sorrow, only despair. However, the eagle soars in the sky, spreads its wings, and sprinkles it on the earth's sunshine. You have joy, sorrow, and hope. The gray fox stayed on the side of the mountain, like a sly ignorance in his dreams, meaning melodious. Abbe, philosophy flows in the hearts of everyone Wholesale Cigarettes, leading to the direction of the heart. If you are confused, a new moon will guide you on the river. Abbe, remember, don't care about what individual people think and say about you. Cao Cao also has a confidant, and Guan Yu also has a rival. Everything in this world has its opposite side. But when many people say you, you should interrogate yourself, Abbe, don't be afraid to be a bad person. Some of the bad people in the population are just those who are disadvantageous to them, not moral. You have to be good at being a bad person, just a bad person and not a sinner. What is hidden behind the storms in the dark is a great opportunity. You can only guard your own light when the wind blows, even if it is the first A glimpse or a last glimpse. Abbe, you can't be worthy of everyone, because some people only want us to be an item, and some people can't open their faces to support their vanity. You just need to make yourself a strong person, you can't be influenced by others, people will always change. After all, this is the biggest flash of human beings. Remember that you are just an ordinary student, ordinary family, no need. To imagine the temptation of those who have nothing. You should go back to where your heart is going, fill it up again, in the direction of the sea and the sky. Do you have a dream? Have you defended it? Have you been ridiculed by others? The first condition of a strong person is the height of the mind, that is, the thick skin of Abbe, remember to run in the direction of the wind blowing, to cross the wooden bridge in life, even though the bridge is covered with thorns and blood, Full of courage, screaming continues, wind and rain are blocked, day and night are exhausted, and you will be tired. Abbe, there was no road in the world. There were more people who went, and it became Lu Abbe. The people who walked out of the first road re-entered the second road Marlboro Lights. The sky also has a road. The ocean also has a road. 
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