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How to uninstall Kaspersky with the help of Technicians?
Kaspersky is an Antivirus Company which provides a complete solution to Internet Security of our devices. It keeps our information safe from cyber threats. Sometimes the user finds some difficulties to operate it. So, they like to uninstall the antivirus.
1.    Open the Control Panel of your computer.
2.    The list will open on the screen of Uninstall the Program.
3.    Select Kaspersky from the list and the Option Uninstall will reflect at the top.
4.    Click on Uninstall and follow the required procedure.
5.    Restart your Computer and when it completes, open My Computer.
6.    Click on Drive C.
7.    Click on program files in which you will see Kaspersky folder.
8.    Right click on the folder to delete it.
9.    Now you have successfully completed the Uninstalling process.
These are the steps of Uninstalling the Antivirus. For further assistance, you are welcome to our website.

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