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Types of Reversal Bar Pins
Types of Reversal Bar Pins
. Double Pin Bar
Double Pin Bar patterns in charts are rarely found. However, once you meet this pattern, that's where the opportunity is wide open. According to Niall Fuller, the existence of a Double Pin Bar needs to be properly considered by traders with the flow of Price Action. This pattern will be a clear warning signal that the price will move in the opposite direction.فوركس بونص
As the name implies, Double Pin Bar confirms Reversal with two Pin Bars at once. Thus, the accuracy of the occurrence of Reversions need not be doubted.arabyfx
. Small Tailed Bars And Long Tailed Bars (Not Pin Bars)
Although in general the Pin Bar has the characteristics of a long tail, but not all long-tailed candlesticks are then referred to as Pin Bars. There is also a short-tailed candlestick and a long-tailed candlestick that can be a Reversal marker, even if it's not a Pin Bar. Why is that?ترخيص شركة FXDD
As mentioned in the characteristics of the Pin Bar above, a candle can be called a Pin Bar when the tail proportion is 2/3 of the body candle. Long tail candlesticks or short tail candlesticks at this point do not meet these characteristics; it may be that the tail is not as long as 2/3 body, or rather the tail exceeds the proportion of the body candle. Nevertheless, the appearance of this candle pattern gives an indication that is as important as the Reversal Bar Pin, that is as a marker of price reversal.

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